To Be or Not to Be…..

A few weeks ago Timm did a series called The Dip.  He talked about how we all go through dips in our lives, they are either financial, relational or spiritual.  Each week he focused on one type of dip.  For me, the most powerful sermon in the series was the one about relationships.   Most of us have that “one relationship” that seems next to impossible to manage.  Currently, I have two of those relationships.  Truth be told, one of the relationships is virtually nonexistent.  The other has gone from a friend/professional relationship to strictly a professional relationship.  At the end of the sermon, Timm said to write down on a piece of paper the “thing”  that one person in our life needs.  Then he told us to give or be that “thing” to the person.  Not what I wanted to hear at that time, but definitely what I needed to hear. 

I am excited to say, in one of the relationships, I am on my way to forgiving that person.  I have a long road ahead of me, but everyday I recommit to forgiving.  Forgiveness was the “thing” that person needed.  And oddly enough, forgiveness was something I needed to give.  I feel much better now, so much happier, not carrying around all the disappointment  I had for the person.   

As for the other relationship, I am not ready to give or be the “thing” that person needs.  In the past I have been that “thing” to the person and time after time I have gotten the same outcome.  Not all relationships are not meant to last, some come and go, and maybe this one falls into that category.  It takes two people to make a relationship work and if other person refuses to try then why should I ?  I am completely exhausted by this relationship and I do not have the want or the energy to attempt to repair it.  Hopefully one day I will.


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You Can’t Save the World

I’m a softy, I cry about everything- good, bad, happy, sad.  I also want to rescue any and everything that needs rescued, people or animals it doesn’t matter.  If it were up to me, I would have a zoo at my house.  We have three cats,  two of them are because I rescued them.  Michael has told me on several occasions, “Ginny, you can’t save the world.”  I know I cannot save the world; however, I do believe I can change the world one person at a time.   Recently I reconnected with someone from my past.  I discovered that something I did over twenty years ago had a major impact on that person’s life.  It is humbling to know that God took something so small and made it into something  amazing.

Something else is also amazing, Michael is now changing the world one person at a time.  He has witnessed an issue and has decided to try and help.  Right now his outreach is small, but he has big ideas for the future.  I am so proud of  him for stepping up.  Most people would never consider being involved in the lives of these people.  Little things make a difference and little things change lives, even if it is only one person at a time.

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The funniest thing happened to me at Wal-Mart.  I was pushing the shopping cart out of the store and started to cross the main road in the parking lot.  I noticed a big tree frog in the road, so I stopped and tapped his butt with my shoe to get him to cross the road with me.  Instead he jumped through the wholes in the bottom of the cart and sat there.  So I pushed the cart and the frog across the road.  I started heading down the aisle and stopped to let frog into the plant filled median where he would be safe.  I tapped his back and he hoped into my diaper bag.  I tapped him again and he hoped onto my chest.  I tapped him again and he finally hoped into the median.  I took pictures of the frog hitching a ride with me so I could show the kids.  When I got home I told them the story and showed them the pictures, we laughed and laughed.

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What’s the Big Deal?

Tonight I was watching the evening news (I never watch the news) and there were a lot of opinions about President Obama’s Address to Students.   Most of the opinions featured were from parents who were strongly against it.  One of the parents stated that the President should not force his political views down the throats of the students.  Another said, the students should take it in and then make up their own minds.  I do not share the same political views as President Obama, but I do think parents over-reacted.   I don’t understand what the big deal was about. 

I did not watch the entire address, I only saw bits and pieces.  However, I did look up the actual speech.  I do not think he said anything inappropriate.  He encouraged the kids to stay in school, to set goals and go after those goals.  Parents should be excited that President Obama is sending a positive message to their children.  The sad thing is that many (not all) of the parents protesting his speech, are the exact same parents who allow their children to watch television programs that are demoralizing.  Or they are the same parents who teach their children that it is perfectly fine to discriminate against someone because of their race, sexual preference, gender, disabilities, inabilities, and/or political opinions.  Isn’t that ironic.   

With all that said- I am so proud to live in America, where you are encouraged to have an opinion and freely voice it.

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Answered Prayers

One of the most incredible things happened this past week.  Some of the most amazing people you will ever meet adopted a beautiful little boy.  Adoption has been something they have been talking about  and prayed about quite some time.  So they completed the classes and waited and waited and waited for a child to be placed with them.   Then they got the call they had been anxiously awaiting.  Literally overnight their home grew from three to four.   This could not have happened to a more deserving family.  This past week prayers were answered; those of a family who wanted to share their love with another child and those of a little boy who wanted the love of a family.

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Got places to go mom…

School started back today and  Joshua is in the first grade.  This morning as I was dropping him off I had a few questions for the principal.  She was the person in charge of getting the kids out of the vehicle.  So I asked her what I needed to ask and by the time I finished Joshua was out of the vehicle and walking up the sidewalk.  Last year we had a tradition, each morning before he got out of the van he would give me a hug and kiss and I would tell him to have a good day.  I assumed that this year would be the same.    He was so excited about school, he rushed out of the van without saying anything let alone a hug or kiss.  So I put the passenger side window down and shouted, “Bye Joshy, love ya!” and I threw him a kiss.  He said “I love you mommy!” and he threw me a kiss back.    

Joshua had a great day at school.  He totally rocked the first grade!

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Five Things

I have been thinking lately about the most important things parents should teach their children.  You are probably thinking that I should of thought of this earlier since I now have a six year old.  However, I am proud to say that these are things that I have been doing and wanted to share with other people.  So here are my top five:

1. Teach your children about God.  It is so important for them to learn the truth.  There are so many “truths” out there in the world, as parents we have been entrusted these children. It is our responsibility to let them know there is only one truth.  I cannot explain the joy I feel when, Riley, my three year old, sings the Bible verse she learned through a song at Power Surge.  Or when Joshua and I talk about who made the Earth and the universe.

2. Teach your children how to love.  It is so important for children to learn to love others and equally important to love themselves.  Think about how many regrets people have because they did not love themselves enough to make better choices.   If kids know they are loved they will be more likely to love themselves.  If we set the example and love others, our children will naturally follow.  Since the kids were born Michael and I would tell them throughout the day- “I Love You.”  Once Joshua and Riley started talking they would say those sweet words to us.  Now that is enough to make anyone cry.

3.  Teach your children how to communicate.  Communication is key in every relationship!  Michael and I talk to the kids about everything.  I want them to know that they can come to us about anything and we will still love them the same.  This is especially important the older they get because that is when the real “anythings” are going to occur.

4.  Teach your children boundaries.  Children are starving for boundaries.  New moms are told to get their baby on a schedule.  Babies need this- a feeding schedule, bath time routine, sleep schedule.  That does not go away once they are no longer babies.  Children want to know what is and is not allowed.  I equate this to bowling with gutter  bumpers.  As the ball is going down the isle it is kept on the right course because the bumpers keeping it out of the gutter.  Parents need to be gutter bumpers for their children.    

5.  Teach your children to respect other people and their property.  Nothing is more frustrating or embarrasing than when children are disrespectful.  Joshua and Riley know they should treat others the way they want to be treated.  I strongly dislike the word “no.”  Joshua thinks he is Mr. Funny Man because sometimes when I ask him to do something he says “no” which is quickly followed up with “Oh mommy, I’m just kidding you.”  I am thinking about adding that word to our “List of words we don’t say”.

What are some things you feel parents should be teaching their children?

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Happy Anniversary

Today makes nine year that Michael and I have been married.  So I googled anniversary gifts and found that according to the gift table we should be giving each other pottery/plates or leather. ???   Not knowing this official gift table information, the other day I bought new dinner plates.  Happy anniversary to us! 

Michael and I have had a great marriage.  We have had minor disagreements, but nothing serious.  He has learned that we do not have to agree on everything.  He has also learned to leave me alone until I feel like talking.  And I have learned to thank him for doing even the smallest things around the house.  Michael is a great husband and the ideal father.  I know that  no matter the circumstances he is always on my side.  He is truly my best friend.  I am blessed to have the opportunity to share life with him.

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How time flies

Today, my Joshua turns six years old.  Happy Birthday Joshy!  I can remember every little detail of  the day he was born.  I kept the outfit he wore home from the hospital.  It was so big on him. Now when I look at it, it looks so so small.  I was sure I was not going to make it through the first few months after he was born.  He was a difficult baby, he had colic so he cried ALL the time.  He has my eyes and his daddy’s everything else including  Michael’s scense of humor.  I am so proud of  Joshua.  He is growing up to be the type of  boy every mom would love to have.

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Oh NO She Didn’t!

Before I say what happened I need to explain a few things…. For those of you who do know I have three kids.  Joshua, my oldest is like his momma, he takes everything to heart and he gets his feeling hurt very easily.   He is the most loving and compassionate child I have ever met.  Riley, on the other hand, has thick skin and never gets her feelings hurt.  Cooper, my baby boy, I’m  not sure how he will be yet. 

Now for the story.  This weekend we attended a FAMILY function and we were getting ready to leave.  The kids hugged a certain someone bye.   Joshua walked up to that certain someones wife to give her a hug and say good-bye.  Now picture this…. Joshua running up, smiling and standing right in-front of her, with eyes wide open and anticipating a hug, he says “BYE”.  And with absolutely no emotion, she looks at him and says “bye”.  There was no hug, no nothing.

Seriously, I cannot believe someone could be so cold.  I don’t care if my husband and/or  I have “done something” to tick her off that does not entitle her to treat my son like that.  And did I mention this was a family function!  So afterward, I picked up my little boy and gave him the biggest hug and told him how much I loved him.

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